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I am whining

Я не люблю проигрывать
Geometry was such as last two times. And I passed it again with five. Day after tomorrow consultation will be. And still I don't wrote all questions. And don't read it one more time to find hard-understanding things. And I haven't got set-off in Math.An. yet. Its complicated. The exam is coming with 94 (!!!) questions...

Today I played Poker Shark in vkontakte with friends, it's entertaining. I liked it.

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Я не люблю проигрывать
Not long time ago one person asked me why I stopped write in English. I thought about that...

Our city is muffled up by snow tonight and sleeps under it. I'm staying at the bus station and waiting for my bus. Around me there is silence. Only sound of falling snowflakes to my hood. It is very nice. You can think about this f*cking transport system which is reason why you have been staying here for a very long time. On the road there aren't a lot of cars due to ten-centimetres layer of dirty snow. It's not cold, it's even pleasant. I'm slowly being covered with subtle crust of white snow. I almost decide to go home on foot when bus comes.

Another topic that I want to concern is the movie which I saw today. It was "Avatar". It is incredible and amazing spectacle which everyone should see. This movie about absolutely different world with its own laws of life and customs. It is tremendous only to watch this big blue creatures. I'm not good in description films, but I really think you should see it yourself.

Now lets read about my study. I've already had three ZACHOTs, but there are only two of them in my ZACHOTs book. The most complicated subject is remained. IT IS MATAAAN. Exam in 25.01. I passed English exam to 4. It's because I haven't got enough knowledge in translating into Russian very big and complex sentenses :) And I didn't have exam in informatics because I hadn't been ready to it because I'm lazy sh*t.
Sometimes I think that there are two persons in me: first says "You can do everything later" and the other says "You must start doing something rigth now!!". Almost everytime I listen to the first, but seldom I liseten to the second. How I can do myself better? :)

Finally you'll read smth about my courses. Next lesson, in friday, we'll buy a bottle of champagne and box of candy to NY and Christmas because that will be last lesson in this year. I'll take a hat like Ded Moroz wears :)
Thank you very much for your attention! All the best for the New Year!

P.S. About New Year. 25.12 I'll go to school, 29.12 I'll go to night club Shine, 31.12 I'll go to Boril.

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